Aquatic bedroom

October 28, 2010

found this design and spontaniously admiring it.

a bit unpractical to live with,but the  romantic feel is in the air 🙂

The combination of wood and water are bautifully cooling and warm in the same time .


hope u like it 🙂



Angkle boots

August 2, 2010

hai hai,

please help me to find out,where i can buy this shoes???

desperately luv it

i really dun mind have to spend some $$ to have both colour.

hope it wont be so expensive 😦

please let me know.


REPOST #001#

July 30, 2010

i’m trying to : )

another choices

July 28, 2010

for the new showroom;

i proposed this design to my boss

instead of  my fab choice ,she choose this ‘so ordinary’ design.

but we agreed to have this beautiful armchair

luv it

: )

flippers for posh beck

July 26, 2010

found this and only one name popped out in my mind.



sharks killer???

: )

fairytale in town

June 30, 2010

found this photo of awesome people,

they look like just step out from fairytale world.

really admire their guts to dress how they feel like to dress.

colourful and  imaginative yet so beautiful.

nice huh?

: )

Quote #001#

June 27, 2010

Great minds discuss ideas ;

Average minds discuss events ;

Small minds discuss people.

– Eleanor Roosevelt